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Our Projects

Elimu Mwangaza Tanzania is implementing the following project on child protection, child participation,quality education and strategically addressing issues that affect children with disability.

Government Engagement

Elimu Mwangaza Tanzania engages the Local Government Department though Education and Community Development/Social Welfare Department to discuss and identify factors that affects child protection and education in Tanzania. The government is engaged through meetings and consultation. The organization also engages teachers on child protection and quality education.

Support to Vulnerable Children

The organization supports vulnerable children in ChemChem Primary School through provision of school materials such as exercise books, pens and pencils. Likewise,interviews and focus group discussions have been conducted in school with children and teachers to discuss child protection and quality education and identify factors that affect children. The materials support have been provided through a generous support of Yardley Janvier in collaboration with Elimu Mwangaza Tanzania.

Promoting Sport

The organization has established a sport club in ChemChem Primary School and has supported school with footballs and jump ropes to help children access their rights to play. For a long time ChemChem Primary school had no sport equipments,and children identified this as one of the need to be addressed. Elimu Mwangaza Tanzania responded by supporting the school to access sport equipments in order to respond to their needs. The sport equipment were supported by Yardley Janvier ,a Lecturer from John Abbot College in Montreal, Canada.

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