What we do

Elimu Mwangaza Tanzania will promote child protection through trainings, seminars, workshops, meetings and through Information, Education and Communication materials. We, currently promote child protection through trainings, meetings, sports and children right clubs in Moshi District Council.

The organization also supports vulnerable children from poor families to access learning materials such as exercise books and pens. The support to vulnerable girls and boys prevents child abuse, stigma, discrimination, bullying,and reduce truancy and drop outs.

The organization aims to build skills of duty bearers on child protection and the mechanisms to address child abuse, and violence against children.

What we do

Thematic Areas

The organization has identified 5 main thematic areas.

Child Protection & Safeguarding: Focus is on investigating the status of implementation of laws and policies that safeguard children. The organization also looks into entry points for parenting and parenting education and ultimately design program on child protection and skilful parenting.

Child Participation: Focuses on promoting child participation through establishment of children rights clubs and working with existing children councils. Likewise,the organization focuses on identifying barriers to child participation in schools and families and consequently design and implement programmes that promote child participation.

Quality Education: Focuses on investigating policies that support and promote quality education. It also,focuses on training teachers on child-centred teaching methodologies, improving school infrastructure such as classrooms, toilets and kitchen. Elimu Mwangaza Tanzania is mandated to supporting schools and children from poor families with school materials such as texbooks,uniforms and exercise books. The main target group for school materials are the children from poor and vulnerable families.

Research and Documentation: The organization is mandated to investigate existing practices that promote or affect provision of child protection services, quality education and child participation. Likewise, it is focuses on researching and documenting how poverty affect children in the families and in schools.

Lobbying and Advocacy: Advocacy activities centre on supporting the organization with information to effectively work with government.The organization engages and collaborates with government to identify opportunities and address barriers to child protection,quality education,child participation through trainings and awareness raising.

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