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Governance and Management

The organization is governed by a body of Directors who oversee policy matters and the organization.

The body of Directors works with Executive Director, a Secretary to Board, who manages the activities of the organization such as child protection planning, implementation and monitoring in collaboration with Director of Programmes and Finance Officer.

Michael Reuben Ntibikema - Executive Director

Executive Director
Michael is a PhD candidate of the Open University of Tanzania(OUT), he is working on researching the impact of community based child protection mechanism on violence against children (VAC) in Tanzania. looking at the extent to which community based child protection mechanisms can address violence against children in Tanzania. He holds a Master Degree in Community Economic Development(OUT&SNHU, America), Post Graduate Diploma in Poverty Analysis for Socio- economic development (ESRF& ISS , the Hague, Netherland) and Bachelor of Sociology(University of Dar es salaam,Tanzania).

Michael has previously worked with NAFGEM in Moshi, AMREF in Tanga and Mkombozi in Moshi in the area of gender, reproductive health for youth and child protection respectively. He has research experience in areas of community participation, children rights, human rights, community empowerment, assessing the knowledge, altitude and practices existing in child protection systems and structures, organizing and coordination for street children census, conducting baseline survey on sexual and reproductive health in pastoralist’s communities and the research on gender based violence in Kilimanjaro region. He has recently participated in a research on strengthening Human Rights Education in Kilimanjaro with International Human Rights Education (Equitas-Canada) and as a co-facilitator of Human Rights Education in Montreal, Canada through EQUITAS.

Michael has delivered several capacity building programme on child protection systems strengthening, human rights education, an overview of Law of Child Act, Convention for rights of the child and African Charter for the Rights and Welfare of the Child, capacity building on child protection Policy development for USAID grantees in collaboration with Keeping Children Safe Coalition(UK).He has also worked with Children Book Project(CBP) in delivering child protection training in Kibaha, Tanzania. Back to top »

Upendo Ally Ramadhani - Director of programme

Director of programme
Upendo Ramadhani holds a Bachelor degree in Community Psychology and Social Work from Makerere University in Uganda.she has previously worked with Support for International change (SIC) in Arusha, on the area of HIV/ AIDS and Mkombozi in the area of child protection and rehabilitation.

She has extensive experience in working with children and has been managing children's programmes such as managing a transition homes with children from the streets of Moshi and Arusha, managing formal and informal education interventions, child protection, reunification, livelihood activities, psychosocial support and fostering of children.

She has participated in various researches with Mkombozi including census of children living and working on the streets of Moshi and Arusha, livelihood research, invisibility of a girl child on the street of Moshi and Arusha, tracking study of children who have passed through Mkombozi transition home. She participated in various capacity buildings on child protection including trainings on child protection, children with disability training, training in gender, training in fostering and adoption regulations, Children homes regulation, of the Tanzania Law of Child Act of 2009.

Upendo Ramadhani has an experience on HIV/AIDS programmes such as awareness raising, capacity building on issues related to HIV/AIDS on primary and secondary schools. I also work with community as home based care worker for patients living with HIV/AIDS to assist them to access ARVs and nutritional food.

Upendo has participated in developing children's programmes, preparation of funding proposals and has managed a funding from different National and International donors. Upendo Ramadhani has experience in the area of family work, school programmes (formal and informal schools),capacity building in the area of child protection and street work.

Upendo is committed, strategic, and active member of CCR’s Board. She serves as the secretary of the board and is a consistent presence in board matters and meetings. Upendo’s passion for upholding children’s right is inspiring and tangible. She has dedicated her career and current professional pursuits, both as an employee and a volunteer, to furthering children’s rights in Tanzania.

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